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Manga Recon Show #006

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Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, Volumes 1 & 2

by Bryan Lee O'Malley
Published by Oni Press

Who Would Like This Book: Fans of Love Roma and American indy comics lovers who think that most indy comics are too depressing.
Who Would Hate This Book: Hardcore hipster haters - but even then they might like it.

Robot: Super Color Comic

works selected by Range Murata
Digital Manga Publishing

Who Would Like This Book: Otaku who are not overly concerned with narrative.
Who Would Hate This Book: Your parents, so don't leave it laying around the house.

Ultra Cute, Volume 1

by Nami Akimoto

Who Would Like This Book: 4th-6th grade girls.
Who Would Hate This Book: Boys, and also me.

Dokebi Bride, Volume 1

by Marley
Published by NETCOMICS

Who Would Like This Book: Anyone interested in reading manhwa that is really Korean in nature, and not just a pale imitation of Japanese fantasy manga.
Who Would Hate This Book: Really harsh art critics.

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