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Manga Recon Show #008: YaoiCast #001 [Explicit 18+]

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0-10:25 - "Only the Ring Finger Knows" - the manga, reviewed by Clio
10:25-14:00 - uke and seme types
14:00- "Desire" reviewed by Gina
16:20 - More BL terms
19:41 - "Rising Storm" reviewed by Z.

BL terms:
Bobuge = BL game
Chikiku Seme = demonic seme (very violent)
DiveIn = well thats self explanitory
GataiUke = replacement uke (a narcissistic uke who wants to replace anoher uke. they often have similar features to the uke they are rivals with).
JKin = characters that look like those from Johnny's boys bands
Kemoshota = animals with little boys
Kentauros = dogboys/catboys/rabbit-boys...
Nyotaika = characters that obviously look like women
Riba = role reversal manga (uke and seme switch)
RoboYaoi = sci-fi BL with mecha
SasoiUke = an uke from a normal background that captures the heart of a superior seme
Souke / Souseme = ideal uke/seme or obviously one or the other
Yaora = yaoi lover (doesn't read BL sticks to doujinshi)
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