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Manga Recon Show #009: Schedule of a Weekly MangaKa

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OP & ED: Theme from Blazing Transfer Student, "Blazing Transfer Student" by Toshihiko Seki.

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Manga Adaptations Discussion:
- Haruhi Suzumiya
- InuKami
- .hack//XXXX
- Gurren Lagan

- Family Complex has a great description of eye surgery, couched in a very boring regular story. Here's my review.

- Peach Pit was hospitalized recently
- Who is Kazuo Koike?

Dai Gaku Manga
Published by: The Osaka Institute of Art

Burning Pen! Screaming Pen! Blue Flame!
by Kazuhiko Shimamoto

Blog post about the horizontal gutters being wider than the vertical gutters in manga.

I was talking about good and bad paneling examples from One Pound Gospel and S.A.. I can't find the S.A. example, but here's a nice sequence from One Pound Gospel:

Then on the Next Page:

Mr. X talks about Mampu

Hikaru No Go paneling where the "camera" is placed below the board. In this sequence, Akira is playing Go on the internet.

I mention the School of Visual Arts. (Pratt is also good.)

Unimpressive art in an autobiographical comic that made all the critics' top ten lists:

In Japan, a bad run is a circulation of 50,000. In the U.S. a great circulation for manga is 5,000 - even though we've got four times the population.

The Yasha Craig Ape is from Grappler Baki.

Link to AWO's coverage of Lady Snowblood. It's at 37:28 - 57:52 in their show.

Kochikame has been around forever!

What are ikimen?

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